App 1xbet

In our experience, left the 1xbet Paris providers with a license in Curacao impression. So we were naturally curious 1xbet application, which is available on both iOS and Android. How do you get for free and what cool stuff we have learned the, we want to share with you here.


How can I 1xbet the application?

At the top in the middle you see the "Save" button. Follow him and chooses to go on leichtesten as a method of registration "e-mail". Your name now, Your e-mail address and password are executed. then scroll down a bit, until the "Save" button and click on it.

Welcome Bonus


Next, see your e-mail inbox and click the 1xbet mail on the red button "Complete Registration". This leads directly into your account Paris. tip: If your mailbox is empty, often use the look in the spam folder.

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Bonus: 200%


Here just a pop-up opens, You can recharge your account. Just go for it on the green button "Deposit". Should appear any pop-up window, then click the upper right on the "Deposit". Now all you deposit options displayed. cool: The offer in the mobile version does not differ from that on the desktop. These include PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit card (Visa and MasterCard) or Paysafecard. Trustly is not yet available in Germany.


Click on the vendor logo of the payment you want to use, and enter the desired amount. They brought with a click of the "Send" button directly to the supplier and the transaction can conclude there.

The application is compliant 1xbet

FAQ – Questions and answers on the use of 1xbet

It 1xbet application in iTunes?


Not even the App Store search in vain. But this is no problem, because it is a simple and elegant solution: The web application. Just go for it on the home page of your browser 1xbet and select "Share" feature. What you'll find on iOS devices directly to the bottom center, is the symbol an arrow, of a place at the top shoots.

Now runs in the bottom part of the first two bars slightly to the right. You can find the find "Add to Home Screen". Select and assign a name, then creates a Web application on your home screen with your 1xbet quick and easy access can always.

Are there download an APK 1xbet?

Is. Since the Play Store Policies Google do not exercise paris applications called APK files allow, can be used by third parties, to mobile use on Android. This APK files, but we highly recommend! To use, You need to know, runterschrauben your security settings. This can go wrong, because your phone more than an effective protection against viruses and spyware.


Because as a result of our clear recommendation: Take advantage of the web app. What is set to Android also easy and fast as iOS. Open the Home 1xbet in your Chrome browser and selects the top right of the three points. Now click on "Add to Home Screen" and the web application is now available for you.

If the 1xbet Bonus Mobile?

And, You can also use your Bonus. This is true for all the bonuses in the rest. Just go to your account Paris for three shorter strips at the top right. Now a bar is reingescrollt, where you open the "1xbonus" Tab. He chooses "bonus" and you get an overview of all actions received.

How much data consumed app 1xbet?

Your data volume will thank you: The web application uses as much as a conventional website.

Advantages of the App

  • Very easy and quick to set up, but it has other advantages:
  • The same as the desktop version.
  • invite just, especially for live Paris is large.
  • Data consumption low.
  • Disadvantage of using


In our tests, sometimes the web application launched in English. If you happen, but it is fast clicking resolved simply with ever shorter on all three lines. In the transition from the purely straight bar and then scroll all the way to the last point "Settings". Opens and makes the application under "Language" juste retour into German.

How to make mobile payments?

Just click on your top Paris the "Deposit" button Account. The background is green and therefore can not be overlooked. Then you select a payment method, and still carries the desired amount. Clicking the "Send" button will take you directly to the payment provider, where you can complete the transaction. Thus, the process is exactly the form, in der Desktop-Version.


Which browser application work?

Ob Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, the application without problems with all major browsers in our tests could handle.

What 1xbet for mobile devices?

IOS and Android, the application went smoothly. the Telephones, we Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Huawei, Windows Phone and BlackBerry use – This is, where the application was not naked. This also applies to tablets, where we have successfully tested on the iPad and Galaxy Tab.


What's the alternative application 1xbet?

The implementation MoPlay we enjoyed a fantasy and an intuitive interface immediately. Also recommended sports spin application is available, where you Welcome Bonus Mobile 200 can enjoy €.

1xbet Our conclusion for implementation

As already mentioned, we had high expectations for the application 1xbet. They were filled with flying colors! the bonus, You can also take in the mobile version, has to finish it the big betting literally in your pocket. The load times are short and the use of low-data – how it is. With this application it's really worth the time to test.